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Jayita Chakraborty

Simulation-Based Optimization Of Demand And Supply for Ridesourcing Services In an Urban Environment: A Case Study Of Perth Metropolitan Area

Full-time PhD 2017-2021

Supervisors: Cecilia Xia and Felix Chan

Ryan Clohessy

Analysis of changes in the Western Australian wetlands


Supervisor: Joseph Awange


Hongyang Cui

Dynamic Airfare Modelling

Full-time PhD 2019-2023

Supervisor: Cecilia Xia, Felix Chan, and Brett Hughes

Tong Ding

Spatio-temporal characteristics of the African tropopause

GNSS radio occultation, reanalysis and climate variability analysis

Honours 2002-2020

Supervisor: Joseph Awange


Kexiang Hu

Hydrogeological characterization of Australia’s groundwater storage changes and associated climate, topographic, geological and anthropogenic impacts


Supervisors: Joseph Awange and Michael Kuhn

Yuchen Liu

Modelling travel time reliability

Full-time PhD 2017-2021

Supervisor: Cecilia Xia and Aloke Phatak

Pearl Mosetsana

Hydrometeorological analysis of the Limpopo River Basin

Master of Philosophy 2003-2018

Supervisor: Joseph Awange

Afanara Najnin

Spatio-Temporal Modelling of Traffic Congestion Triggered by Road Accidents

Part-time PhD 2015-2021

Supervisor: Cecilia Xia and Graeme Wright

Daniel Then

A spatial-temporal analysis of the relationship between the release of pre-competitive geoscience information and investment returns in the mineral resources sector

Part-time Masters

Supervisor: Cecilia Xia and Bryan Maybee

Aura Zapeda

Damming the River Nile: Geormphological and Social-Economical Implications

Master of Philosophy

Supervisor: Joseph Awange